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Macintosh repair makes for good memories

December 30th, 2009

Macintosh 128k motherboard

From Riccardo Mori’s System Folder:

Over the years [Claudio] gave me a few of the Macs in my collection, such as the Macintosh SE FDHD and the Apple IIGS. He was my vintage hardware ‘pusher’, and I used to ask him for help when something didn’t work (and I regularly paid for his expertise, although he — being the utterly honest guy he was — never charged me the prices other Apple repair shops used to charge at the time), and every now and then I helped him put order in his crammed, messy (in a beautiful sort of way) laboratory; he called me when he meant to clean it up a bit, and gave me a lot of interesting pieces. When I was looking for a PowerBook 100, he gave me three dismantled units and told me: Here you have all the pieces to build one functional PowerBook 100.

That’s great: Mac fandom as DIY repair, probably the best way to learn how to be a Macintosh devotee.

Mori’s Mac 128k photos are great, but so is his story of the Mac repair friend that showed him how they worked, and how to piece them together.

Mac users who have Apple Wizards as friends (as I do – thanks Curtis!) are the luckiest, because they have someone to share their joy with.