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SBM Utilities now unlocked

July 20th, 2009

SBM Utilities

Martin Hahn, developer of SBM Utilities for the Newton, has released the application (ZIP file) he uses to create registration codes for the app, essentially unlocking the app for all to use. Via Frank Gruendel at PDA Soft is hosting the file.

Hahn at Softwarebüro Müller has created many other packages for the Newton, including Icon Editor and Soup Transport.

[Via Newtontalk.]

iPhone app Brushes takes cues from Newton UI

September 17th, 2008

When iPhone developer Steve Sprang needed interface ideas for his new painting app, he looked to a platform he knew well – the Newton.

Sprang got hold of an MP2000 in college and created the Newton freeware app, Lathe, as a simple 3D modeler. Today, he’s working on Brushes – a “natural-media style painter” that, taking a look at the screenshots, looks like a beautiful, detailed app for the iPhone (examples of Brushes-created artwork can be seen at iArtMobile).

Sprang, a former software engineer at Apple, used the Newton’s undo/redo buttons (above) in his Brushes app as a nod to his former platform. Since he left Apple, Sprang has welcomed his new role as an independent iPhone app creator.

“Developing for the iPhone has been a good experience so far,” Sprang says. “I think it’s been a great move for me, and I hope to be able to do it long term — more projects are in the pipeline!”

Brushes is available at the iPhone App Store for $4.99.