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Nitro: Like for Chrome and Linux

July 10th, 2012

Nitro task manager


Nitro, a simple task management/todo list app for Linux with Dropbox or Ubuntu One sync.

It also comes in the form of a Chrome extension (with a Firefox version due once the Mozilla Marketplace opens for business).

Seriously, after using Todoist for a few months, I switched full-bore today to Nitro

On the surface, it looks and behaves like Things for Mac: projects, drag-and-drop to-do items, automatically-generated Next Steps – lots of good GTD stuff that Todoist never gave me.

I’m using the Chrome version at work on Windows. It gives me just the right amount of flexibility and agility to get all my stuff in order. Visually, it’s just what I was looking for.

The Chrome extension is a free install, but I loved it right away and chipped in a few bucks. They give you the full functionality of the app right from the get-go – something Todoist never did. I think that’s worth rewarding.

And the Dropbox syncing is something I’m going to try, especially on the go for work stuff.

Google’s Chrome comic nods to the original iMac

September 5th, 2008

Just read through Scott McCloud’s excellent comic about Google’s new web browser, Chrome (maybe you’ve heard about it?).

On page 25, Google gives props to the original iMac (above), circa 1998, and how it was an original “internet device” from the old HTML days. But what’s up with the dancing moon?

I haven’t tried Chrome out yet, because they haven’t released a Mac version, but it’s got me curious – and it has received glowing reviews from a lot of the sources I’ve read. Have you tried it?