How many Macs are too many?

Getting out of hand.

I don’t know, but I think I’m getting close. This doesn’t even show the two Mac SEs and the iBook G3 clamshell. Getting out of hand, much?


  1. You can never have too many Macs. I think I have eight total. My oldest being a quadra and the newest a duel core mini. Three lurk in my apartment and the rest are on loan to my brother.

  2. Don’t let the number bother you … it’s all about enjoying having them around. I’ve long since lost count of the Macs in my house, let alone in storage … although I can confirm the daily use of seven Macs by me and my family. There are currently two 15″ MacBook Pros, a single core 17″ Intel iMac, a G4 iBook, a dual-processor upgraded G4 Quicksilver tower, a PowerMac 9600/200MP (web server), and a PowerMac 8600 (DNS and email server). Oh, and the Newton MP2100, natch.

  3. @Grant: wow. It never ceases to amaze me what some people’s collection holds. I guess it makes me feel not-so-bad. Lately, it’s been a space issue with me. Where do you keep all of them?

  4. You definitely need a Mac Plus in the mix. No question. So many good games…


  5. There will never be too many macs. :)

  6. On the premises here at the Careaga Museum of Senescent Technology:

    1 1984 original Mac (ramped up to 512K w/motherboard swap)*
    1 Mac Plus*
    1 Mac SE*
    1 Mac IIsi*
    1 Powerbase 180
    1 G3 “All-in-One” AKA “Molar Mac”**
    2 B&W G3 towers
    1 iBook G4
    1 PowerBook G4
    1 20” iMac Core Duo (first-generation)

    *Not powered up in years. Powerbase 180 was actually turned on last spring for the first time since 1999 in order to retrieve some old files–via SCSI external Zip drive to B&W G3 and thence via flash drive to my current machine.

    **The Molar Mac, quite possibly the homeliest Macintosh Apple ever produced (a Bizarro-world version of the original iMac), is my favorite OS 9 machine, tricked out as it is with SCSI, USB, Firewire, two internal HDs, an extra video card, a processor upgrade and maxed-out RAM. It does go longish intervals between sessions, I’m afraid.

    Oh yeah, and four Newtons: a 2100, a 2000 and a couple of 130s…

  7. That IS a museum! I’d love to see pics of the Molar Mac.

  8. There’s a ten year-old couple of pages here that’ll give you an idea of the model’s dodgy charm. The author’s not kidding about “heavy”: at sixty pounds, no other Mac I’ve owned came remotely close. I once had to haul it from Oakland to Berkeley via public transit. Wised up and took a cab for the return trip.

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