Newton support articles still hosted on

Browsing through eMate battery and recharging articles, I came across Apple’s Power On Procedure After Extended Storage support post. It goes on to describe how to reset your eMate 300 if the battery fails to show a correct charge, and quotes from the eMate 300 User’s Manual.

It’s amazing to me that Apple still hosts these how-tos from, what, 12 years ago? I’ve found a few Newton-related articles this way, and all of them have been helpful.

None of the articles are updated by Apple anymore, of course. But the fact that Apple still hosts them is a benefit to the Newton community – especially new MessagePad and eMate users who are trying to get the basics down.

Maybe a full linked list, with all the support posts, would be helpful.


  1. Apple is cool like that. I managed to find on their site the manuals to every PowerPC Mac I have owned except my Performa 6200.

  2. I find a lot of those, too, Vince. In fact, one of them helped me install an Airport card in my clamshell iBook G3.

  3. Same thing for me too, except it was on my iMac Indigo

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