Intel iMac in the workspace


Here’s an Intel iMac caught in the wild – held up by a cool modern table. IKEA, maybe?

Thanks to Thomas Brand for reminding me what the different is between an iMac G5 and an Intel iMac: the iSight camera at the top.

The new, aluminum iMacs are gorgeous, but I’ll always be partial to the gleaming white iMacs, starting with the Snowy White G3s, of the PowerPC era.

[Via Ffffound!]


  1. Remember the iMac G5 Late 2005 had both a built-in iSight camera and G5 processer. Although if you see a white iMac in the slightly wider modern form factor without an iSight you know it must be a G5.

  2. Pfft. Apple have never improved on the design of the iMac G4.

    That doesn’t explain why I chose a G3 instead of a G4 for my new “main” computer. >_<

  3. Agreed, David. But why’d you pick the G3?

  4. I really don’t know — I just didn’t think about it until after I’d bought the G3. I’ve always liked the translucent plastic on the iMac and eMate. My ideal aesthetic would probablybe the lamp style of the G4, with a slot-load drive and the translucent colours. Too bad. :-(

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