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NewtVid: Woz praises Newton while demonstrating a ModBook

June 25th, 2009

Here’s Apple co-founder (and dancer extraordinaire) Steve Wozniak demonstrating software called Quickscript, a handwriting recognition package based on MyScript. His tool? One of those fancy Modbooks.

Woz praises the Newton MessagePad several times during the video.

“I used to love that Newton,” he says.

[Courtesy of Mike Sforza at NewtonTalk.]

Apple news roundup for March 25, 2008

March 25th, 2008

iPhones sell out in NYC
Man alive…:

AT&T retail stores in Manhattan aren’t yet feeling the affects of the shortage, though Apple’s online store is also reflecting an approximate 1 week delay for all new orders, suggesting that considerable backlog currently exists for whatever reason.

Glad I won’t be going there to buy mine. I just hope Ann Arbor doesn’t run short.

Five things Apple does right…
Neat piece from Low End Mac, although I think Steve asks for too many Macs. I like the current lineup, and liked the four-quadrants (pro/consumer/desktop/notebook) lineup even better.

Review: Modbook Tablet

Sure, it’s the only Mac tablet for now, but this baby is certain to give anyone who dabbles in the dark graphical arts exquisitely rendered heart palpitations.