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Apple news roundup for March 25, 2008

March 25th, 2008

iPhones sell out in NYC
Man alive…:

AT&T retail stores in Manhattan aren’t yet feeling the affects of the shortage, though Apple’s online store is also reflecting an approximate 1 week delay for all new orders, suggesting that considerable backlog currently exists for whatever reason.

Glad I won’t be going there to buy mine. I just hope Ann Arbor doesn’t run short.

Five things Apple does right…
Neat piece from Low End Mac, although I think Steve asks for too many Macs. I like the current lineup, and liked the four-quadrants (pro/consumer/desktop/notebook) lineup even better.

Review: Modbook Tablet

Sure, it’s the only Mac tablet for now, but this baby is certain to give anyone who dabbles in the dark graphical arts exquisitely rendered heart palpitations.