NewtVid: iPod Touch-type Newton 2

And there it is – the second coming of Newton, thanks to YouTube and someone’s slick animation skills.

I have to admit, the dock-like scrolling along the side is pretty cool. It’s like functional Cover Flow on the iPod Touch, but pragmatic, with some AppleTV/Front Row built in.

This was made by user ElysiumMedia07, who did a wonderful job putting the “Wow” in a Windows Vista parody ad.

Fun stuff!

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  1. Newton rocked when it lived. Now, it should live again!

  2. It does, in the hearts and minds (and hands) of Newton users everywhere. We are legion.

  3. […] site has posted the card as a download-able PDF file, so you can play along at home.But what – no Newton 2 […]

  4. This….*sniff*……this is the design that should be the newton 2! Its the just the right size….and just….feels right!! Mactouch/Newton2.0 FTW!!!!! :D

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