On order: Keyspan serial-to-USB dongle


After an eBay auction went sour and I was awarded a refund, I reminded myself that, from time to time, Newton Poetry covers subjects like…oh, I don’t know…the Newton?

So I took my $30 and lucked out on an affordable Keyspan serial-to-USB adapter – model USA-28x (above). Now we can have some fun with that eMate I picked up, do some connecting with OS X, and play around with NCX, NewtSync, and the rest of the “new” Newton connection utilities.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what those eight little pins in the serial connection do, check out this handy site that lists each pin’s job and function in the Mac system. Pretty cool.

As soon as my Keyspan adapter arrives, I’ll post some project notes on how to connect a Newton with OS X. That is, assuming the entire thing doesn’t explode in my face. But that’s part of the fun, right?


  1. Nice unit. I have basically that same unit in place on my office desktop setup. I have used it to do every serial terminal project I’ve taken on.

    See pic:

    It got my eMate 300 working as an IRC terminal:

    But it’s my Apple //c that does standard duty on the desk as a serial terminal at the office.

    That adapter is indispensable!!

  2. Who in their right mind has anything serial any more?

    Opps, I forgot where I was, sorry.

  3. Hey Steve, check out my Dell at work. It has serial portS (note the “S”).

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