Keyspan bought by Tripp-Lite, drivers relocated


[Update: Ivan, in the comments, found the original Keyspan driver page.]

Last week, Leon pointed out that the pages containing Keyspan serial-to-USB adapters were nowhere to be found.

It’s true. Above is the page I landed on when I tried my own hyperlink. The page where Keyspan kept its USA-28x adapter driver was gone.

It turns out that a company called Tripp-Lite purchased Keyspan in May 2008 and dumped all the drivers somewhere else.

Keyspan USB adapters are considered the best in connecting your Newton MessagePad or eMate to Mac OS X. After a quick driver install, you can plug your Newton’s serial cable in one end of the Keyspan adapter, then plug in the adapter into your OS X Mac, and boom – full connection. If Newton users can’t find the Keyspan drivers, they can’t use the adapter.

And the new company, Tripp-Lite, doesn’t make it easy to locate the drivers. There’s a driver search page, and the USA-28x page, but it all takes some sleuthing.

This means that, after several blog posts on how to connect a Newton with an OS X Mac, I’ll have to update the Keyspan driver link. That’s not a big deal.

The big deal is Newton users struggling to find what they’re looking for.

[A big thanks to the Newtontalk gang for helping me locate the new driver pages.]


  1. After a two hour WebQuest with my friend Google, I found the Keyspan Holy Grail:


  2. Holy crap! Nice work, torner! Everyone: torner has found the original-ish download page from Keyspan.

  3. […] Torner left a comment on my post about Tripp-Lite purchasing Keyspan. Keyspan makes (err, made) serial-to-USB adapters that us Newton fans use the heck out of, but after they were purchased their drivers download page disappeared. […]

  4. Yikes, that didn’t take long to disappear. The domain has already expired! But a little further sleuthing allowed me to uncover its IP address, so you can go to:

    Who knows how long someone will continue to pay rent on it; perhaps someone should snapshot the whole thing soon for Keyspanners in need in the future.

  5. Unfortunately, the Tripplite pages refer to a newer version of the product, version 28XG, the drivers of which do NOT seem compatible with the 28X product. I’m looking for drivers of the 28X product.

  6. I have a driver on a back-up DVD, but I don’t know where and how I should post it.

  7. You might try the Newtontalk list – or Morgan might want to post it on UNNA.

  8. I do not ahve a Newton, and it is jsut by chance that I got to this littel forum.
    Is there anybody who would lik me to email the driver to them, and then they can disperse it appropriately?
    Just tyring to be helpful.
    Niow, here might be a fly in the ointment: I threw away the original install disk, thinking that drivers msut be a dime a dozen, but ewhat I ahve is a WORKING copy of the yellow colored INSTALL PACKEGE for MAC OSX. I just did a new install of it a couple of days ago and it works just fine…..
    So let me know, if you guys are sitll looking for this little driver, okay?


  9. I sent a message to Morgan about it too.

    I might still be able to find the install CD…with a little more dumpster diving, LOL. But indeed, the package installer DOES work….and it IS the: KEYSPAN TWIN SERIAL ADAPTER USA28X


  10. You know….that must be the way it is on the original install disk, becasue I found back-up disks from as far back as 2006, and they all jsut have the YELLOW PACKAGE installer….
    Hope it will work for you all.


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