Keyspan adapters page found

[Update 3.8.09: Reader Ivan found an archived page with the correct links. Also check in the comments section for more links.] Keyspan logo

Thanks to a reader, the almost-original Keyspan drivers page has been found.

Torner left a comment on my post about Tripp-Lite purchasing Keyspan. Keyspan makes (err, made) serial-to-USB adapters that us Newton fans use the heck out of, but after they were purchased their drivers download page disappeared.

The new Keyspan drivers page looks just like the old one, but with a new URL, and is much easier to use than Tripp-Lite’s version.

Good sleuthing, torner!


  1. Are you sure that link is correct? I get a server not found message when I click on the link.

  2. Golly, Mike, you’re right. It was up and running as of mid-week.

  3. O.o this reminds me of the whole iGo buying Thinkoutside fiasco.

    iGo apparently forgot that people still actually use thinkoutside keyboards and has hidden the divers to the point that it takes forever to find the freaking things.

    how aggravating…

  4. here is the link :

    ENJOY !

  5. Thanks, seb-seb, for hosting that file yourself!

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