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Egg Freckles’ 404

January 3rd, 2011

Thomas Brand on Twitter: “Visit @EggFreckles 404 page. You won’t be sorry, but my traffic will surely look confusing.”

Just lovely. That joke never gets old.

Also, I adore how Mr. Brand makes those graphics for his blog.

Egg Freckles! Easter eggs on the Newton

June 18th, 2008

* This morning (October 12, 1996) I started up my Newton MP130, instead of the normal lightbulb screen appearing, a lunar eclipse the screen very slowly, casting a shadow on my name. This is a known egg that occurs whenever there is a partial or total eclipse.

* Write “EGG FRECKLES” highlight it and tap on assist.

* Write “neat bong” highlight it and tap on assist.

* Write “about Newton” highlight it and tap assist.

* Go to the time map. Select AREA 51 or Groom Lake or what ever strange name you find near Las Vegas. Then check your dates again.

* Reset the newton, then turn it on and tap on “undo”. Then tap on the overview button, now select the first error, there tap on the little info symbol. Now its just the question what happened on that date and why it is supposed to be an error?

* In the Notepad, using the printed (Rosetta) recognizer, write… Rosetta! Rosetta! Rosetta!

On the MP 110 and earlier there should be some other eggs:

* Tap on the little clock symbol and hold the pen down. first you will see the time and the battery power, after a while it will also display the temperature in the battery compartment.

* Write “find elvis” then tap on assist.

* Change your country to “Graceland”. (personal info) (then there will be a problem when autodialing)

[Grabbed from Newton Newbie Info.]