HowTo: Install packages on your Newton

Want to install a package on your MessagePad – like, say, an update to the Newton’s OS – but wondering how to get started?

I noticed that my Newton 110’s OS was still stuck at version 1.2. I knew kept a comprehensive list of old software and driver downloads, so I started there first. This is a good starting page for Newton inquiries; it breaks down your MessagePad model, and leads you to its listing of Newton OS software. Here you’ll find updates, connection software (like the Newton Connection Kit and Utilities), modem drivers, and much more. Browsing through the listing, I found my OS 1.3 listing here:

The OS 1.3 download on

I clicked on the “read me” file just to see what I was getting into. Then I clicked on the “MP_110_1.3_345333.sea.bin” file and the download started right away.

I was doing all this on the original Bondi Blue iMac G3 233 mHz, running 160 MB or RAM and OS 9.2.2. I had Newton Connection Kit installed to take care of updates, backup, and package installing. This was my first package upload, but it couldn’t have been simpler.

I clicked on the “Install Package” button and it lead me here:

Finding the pkg file with the Newton Connection Kit (NCK)

I clicked on the pkg file, opened up a connection with my Newton and the iMac (see how I did it here), and the package started on its way:

The OS 1.3 package installing.

The Newton asked me to press the “reset” button on the screen, and that was all there was to it.

Successful package installing via NCK

Pretty easy. Now that my Newton OS is the most up-to-date my 110 model can run, I’m going to try installing Pocket Quicken and run my day-to-day finances through the Newton. The secret to a lot of this is knowing where to find the appropriate software. Since Apple no longer supports the MessagePad, I was on my own in terms of hunting down the OS 1.3. But a quick search led me where I needed to go.

Happy package installing!


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