Photo Tour: Mac Plus G4.

Now this is what I’m talking about.

Check out the Flickr photo gallery of a Mac Plus turned into a G4 Cube mod by charles_mangin. I’ve seen a lot of this kind of stuff with Mac Minis, but a Cube seems even more flexible for creative mash-ups.

After messing around with my PowerMac G4, I’m starting to get into these Mac mods. It’s one of those fun weekend project kind of deals, you know?

Speaking of which, there are some cool designs over at the MacMod site. Not all of them are useful, per se, but then neither is a fish tank stuffed in to a Apple Studio Display.

[Courtesy of Mental Hygiene.]

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  1. HEy buddy, sorry I havent been commenting but my computer crashed again and i was using one wtih 256MB of RAM. Stupid PCs. I dont know when im getting my macbook pro now though.. so much confusion. Anyway, thanks for sharing that news, its really cool that someone can take something that old and make it amazing.

  2. Bummer, dude. Are you getting one of the new MBPs?

  3. Hell yes, Im about $300 short though, but the holidays are coming up, and I have nice parents.. so who knows.

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