Getting your Newton eMate wireless


Mark Hoekstra describes how to get a Newton eMate 300 connected to a wireless network over at Geek Technique.

Why? “Well, impress your friends!” he says.

Hoekstra uses a WaveLAN Orinoco Silver network card, Newton Connection Utilities, a custom-made serial cable, a few package files, and a driver to get his eMate running on a wifi network. He takes plenty of pictures and goes into detail through the whole process.

Almost as cool? Using his Mac SE as a media center monitor. Hoekstra loses points for throwing Windows on that beautiful machine, however.

One of these days I’ll attempt the wireless eMate project. But for now, Hoekstra’s breakdown should give you a good head-start.


  1. I can’t seem to find any information on getting a MessagePad to work with Wifi – only sites about people who already have it running. Could you perhaps provide some pointers? Or will this eMate hack work on a 2000/2100 anyway?

  2. One day, David, I’ll give it a try – and, when I do, I’ll post the full how-to.

    In the meantime, I suggest doing some searching on Newtontalk, because the list folks talk about wi-fi stuff all the time.

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