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The iPhone Cheat Sheat uncovers tips and codes

September 9th, 2008

Dr. Macenstine, over at the Macenstein blog, is launching another iPhone site – The iPhone Cheat Sheet to tackle “iPhone tips, and iPhone game cheats and strategy hints in particular.”

I’ve been a fan of Macenstein for a while now, enjoying the “celebrity Mac sightings” and “Mac chick of the month.” But this new blog is more in the mode of Blake and Arn’s Touch Arcade, focusing on gaming and the hidden gems in the Touch OS X interface.

I bet we’ll see more blogs highlighting the iPhone and iPod Touch’s capabilities. Touch Arcade came out with a great blog on gaming – but I can see GTD and mobile apps and hacking blogs on the horizon.

NewtFlick: What’s inside a Newton?

November 29th, 2007

What’s inside a Newton MessagePad?

Flickr photog splorp posts a great X-ray view of the insides of a MessagePad, including what each component is and does.

I’m trying to teach myself more about what makes a Newton tick, and this is a big help.

A great big advocate for the MessagePad, and founder of the Newton Flickr pool, splorp is a true Newtfan in every sense of the word. He also takes on other Apple projects.

[Part two of Flickr Newton finds.]