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NewtVid: Tech Soup’s Apple logo proof

March 31st, 2008

The fun kids over at Tech Soup told me they ran an experiment to see if it’s true that Apple’s logo makes people more creative. Looks pretty convincing to me.

Thanks Alison!

Wired’s Apple-inspired design

March 26th, 2008


Leander Kahney, author of the Cult of Mac blog, got a cover piece wondering if Apple is an evil genius (and it’s caused quite the reaction).

What caught my eye, however, was the binding on the cover of the magazine. Notice anything?

Look here:


Wired had a bit of fun with the old-school Apple logo colors – placing them in the original order, even.

I didn’t even notice it when my subscription edition came, but today I sat at my desk, turned around, and *BAM* it hit me. The old Apple rainbow.

Say what you will about Wired pimping their writers’ upcoming books, or their stance on whether Apple is “evil” or not (because they do things differently?), but their design is fun. If you’re not an Apple fan, you may not have even noticed the subtle clue.

In spite of everything, thanks for the nod, Wired.

The magical Apple logo.

March 20th, 2008

Can you feel the creativity rising?

Get this: just looking at the Apple logo makes you more creative.

No joke. Even brief exposure to certain brands makes people mimic that brand’s “identity.” The researchers:

…conducted an experiment in which 341 university students completed what they believed was a visual acuity task, during which either the Apple or IBM logo was flashed so quickly that they were unaware they had been exposed to the brand logo. The participants then completed a task designed to evaluate how creative they were, listing all of the uses for a brick that they could imagine beyond building a wall.

People who were exposed to the Apple logo generated significantly more unusual uses for the brick compared with those who were primed with the IBM logo, the researchers said. In addition, the unusual uses the Apple-primed participants generated were rated as more creative by independent judges.

Imagine that. But does this mean staring at the Microsoft logo makes me greedy, monopolistic, and prone to screaming fits?

Found via Slashdot.