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Book Review: Steven Levy’s ‘The Perfect Thing’

April 24th, 2008

Steven Levy’s ‘The Perfect Thing’

At times, Steven Levy’s tone in The Perfect Thing: How the iPod shuffles commerce, culture, and coolness winks and nods at the reader as many Apple-inspired blogs do: he’s one of us, and he’s intimate with the subject.

Levy’s voice makes The Perfect Thing a breeze to read, and not just because of the book’s modest lenght. In revealing the software, hardware, and philosophical origins of the most popular MP3 player on the planet, he easily makes the case for the iPod’s overwhelming popularity.

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iGoogle’s online haiku randomness

March 31st, 2008

iGoogle’s haiku generator

If you use iGoogle at all, which I do and love, one of the more unique widgets I’ve found is an online haiku generator, called the Computer Generated Poetry gadget (above).

It takes the form of a haiku using random words, a user-defined refresh rate (mine’s every 30 seconds), and the structure – haiku or freeform – you prefer. The “about” page says the gadget “builds a poem from a part-of-speech tagged list of English words.”

Currently, at this very moment, mine says:

answer an empire
consultant escape such Green
confined own topic

Here’s that, Newtonized:

answer an empire
Consultant excape suih Jrean
sonfined own topic

You need a to have a Google account to use iGoogle, but once you do, you can add all types of gadgets to your customized homepage, like weather, stocks, news, and even random haiku.