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Butterfly haiku

April 18th, 2008

by Moritake

The falling flower
I saw drift back to the branch
Was a bultafly.

[Just when I thought the Newton would complete it’s first perfectly-translated poem, the last – and most important – word gets fouled up. It should say “butterfly,” of course. Hurray for spring!]

iGoogle’s online haiku randomness

March 31st, 2008

iGoogle’s haiku generator

If you use iGoogle at all, which I do and love, one of the more unique widgets I’ve found is an online haiku generator, called the Computer Generated Poetry gadget (above).

It takes the form of a haiku using random words, a user-defined refresh rate (mine’s every 30 seconds), and the structure – haiku or freeform – you prefer. The “about” page says the gadget “builds a poem from a part-of-speech tagged list of English words.”

Currently, at this very moment, mine says:

answer an empire
consultant escape such Green
confined own topic

Here’s that, Newtonized:

answer an empire
Consultant excape suih Jrean
sonfined own topic

You need a to have a Google account to use iGoogle, but once you do, you can add all types of gadgets to your customized homepage, like weather, stocks, news, and even random haiku.

Windows Vista haiku

December 5th, 2007


Vista’s propsective
its view through or long window
cold scenes if winter.

[Read the original, courtesy of Fake Steve Jobs. Does anyone else read Fake Steve? Because he’s hilarious. If Steve Jobs talked like a 14-year-old Valley Boy, the blog would be spot on. Even now that Forbes has officially sponsored the thing, Fake Steve Jobs keeps the laughs coming. I’ll Newton-ize his poems in the future, but this Windows Vista haiku will do for now.]

Haiku for you.

October 18th, 2007

The lightning Hushes!
And slushing through the darkness,
A night-heron’s sireech.

– by Matsuo Basho

[With big storms coming tonight, I thought this short, flashy haiku would be appropriate. Lightning, wind, and even tornado warnings. I thoughts this was fall…]