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Notepods: the best HWR…kinda

October 19th, 2009


Take the iPhone form factor, marry it to the Newton’s stellar handwriting recognition, and you have the latest in PDA technology.

Well, kinda.

Above is a Notepod – a simple notepad shaped like an iPhone. For $18, you get three pocket-perfect notepads shipped from Australia. On the outside, you get a blank iPod Touch-like page, while the inside pages have grid-style paper for notes, doodles, or iPhone app ideas.

Maybe best of all, it recognizes your handwriting no matter how drunk you get – even if you don’t.

Or you can simply make your own with the Hipster PDA templates over at Active Voice. Whichever.

Via DIY Planner.

A tail of well-read bunnies

December 8th, 2007

by “Sketeched Out”

A well-read bunny
is sitting on his tail.
He’d rather read a book,
them open his mail.

It’5 really quite astounding,
will wonders never cease,
although he is a bunny,
he’s reading “War and Peace.”

[Read the original. “This is dedicated to the scholarly rabbit in all of us,” Linda (aka, “Sketeched Out”) says; she does these fabulous drawings – in this case, a bunny sitting on his tail reading a book. Be sure to check out her other work. And notice that the MessagePad only got the “them” instead of “than.” Maybe it is learning my handwriting…]